Viva La Barcelona!


Congratulations to Barcelona as Champion of the European Cup – Champions League final yesterday at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. As the end result 2-0 against Manchester United; with brilliant movements before shoot for the 1st goal from Samuel Eto’o on 10th minute, and nice header from Lionel Messi on 70th minute for the 2nd goal that leave Manchester United as 2nd runner up. That means Barcelona won 3 championship in a season, and 3rd Champions League Cup in Barcelona’s history! The congrats continues to their coach and manager – Josep Guardiola as well as the youngest person who won the treble in Spain soccer history. Viva la Barcelona!~ ^_^




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3 Responses to “Viva La Barcelona!”

  1. One Mizi Says:

    sejak bile la sokong barcelona ni. sejak2 arsenal di kalahkan la ni 😛 setakat team main game… JOM ah winning eleven klu berani >:)

  2. Trans Bagwell Says:

    Eheh.. ko salah fakta nih.. Aku tak follow up La Liga depan2 sbb xde live.. kalau tak mmg aku follow.. tp aku follow up online sejak hujung tahun lepas lg.. Korang je xtau.. =) hahaha.. sbb tuh aku slalu pakai Barcelona masa main game…

    Arsenal? hahaha.. tetap setiap di hati… ^_^

  3. MAN utd Says:

    arsenal kalah bolehla ckp,

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