Long-lost Friend


Lately there’s a few people that gone too soon. It also reminds me to my best friend which he dies in 27 July 2003. May God bless you – Mohd Nor Izwan a.k.a Along. 😥 And the same goes to Yasmin Ahmad who died last week. Amin.



3 Responses to “Long-lost Friend”

  1. riz Says:

    eh bukannye gambo aku amik kat balok ek?

  2. riz Says:

    eh2 baru prasan caption kat bawah. ihik. apsal muke ko siyes shit time tu? hihi

  3. Trans Bagwell Says:

    hoo laaa… mmg gmbr yg ko amik kat balok pn… (tp aku xingat sape amek sbnr ny :p hehehe..) haah.. mmg time tu muke aku emo sket..

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