PUTRAJAYA: Stating your race on official forms will no longer be a requirement soon.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the Cabinet was studying the move to drop the column requiring a person to provide information on his race in official forms.

However, in some cases, the forms will still have this column particularly in relation to special privileges of the bumiputras.

The title for today’s post also can read either in BM as “Kontrol-besi” or in actual meaning as “Controversy”. Referring to the quote stated above, as I’m not trying to be a racist (and I am NOT), but I would like to hear any comments or opinions regarding on this matter.



One Response to “Control-versi?”

  1. riz Says:

    Kalo suma ada tempat ruang tanya kaum apa takde la nampak sangat. Kalo tak semua, nampak la yang pemilihan akan dilakukan terhadap mana2 kaum yang terpilih. tu lagi la bukan 1mesia.

    And khalid, it’s “any comment or opinion” hokay. 😛

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