Capoeira Trip To Singapore


Finally I’ve got a few moment here to share a bit of my experiences with EBC familia to attend 6th Argola de Ouro Capoeira Singapore International Festival on last weekend. For me, there’s no words can describe the opportunity and chances to go there, not just because of Capoeira and meet new amigos, but one of the reason was Mestre Acordeon! He’s one of the first student of Mestre Bimba (the Capoeira Regional creator) and also one of the most respected and well-known Capoeira master all over the world.

The first trip was me, Fadinha, Estatua and Gaspazinho, and we’re staying at Fadinha’s house in Johor Bahru. So our travel to Singapore daily was fun and joyable, even though we’re only using public transportation to go here and there. But all of that paid once we meet all the teachers and friends of Capoeira. And the second trip that arrived on Sunday was Alfabeto, Padre, Miau, Denira, and one friend of Miau. But they all managed to come for batizado on time.

Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Poncianinho, Mestre Eddie Murphy, Mestre Ousado, Professor Fantasma, Professor Sapo, Formado Soldado, Instrutor Indio – not sure if I can expect something much better than this in the future. I’ve made my chances to join their roda de rua at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, but without Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Ousado since they’ve got a bit pain from previous Capoeira workshop.

We also manage our time to travel and visit a few nice and beautiful places within Singapore city, including the famous-identity Singapore’s lion statue. This travel need no complete story as it won’t stop here. My next aim will be Penang Senzala Batizado in November, and EBC Philippines Batizado in February 2010! ^_^ woohoo…

And I will not forget this moment and experiences. It’s such an honor too to meet all the teachers in one event. My Capoeira life will not stop here, and wish to expand my knowledge, technics and experience further more.



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