November Is Here Already

Dear December..
We end up our mission with you,
No matter it were accomplished or not.

Dear January..
You are the beginning of the year,
I had a great start of new year, every year with you.

Dear February..
Some said you are the love month,
But i don’t believe it since you’ll be busy with me every year.

Dear March..
The joy in you are admired by everyone,
Although you’re not enjoying yourself.

Dear April..
I don’t know why my friends like you so much,
But I doubt you hate them for liking you that much.

Dear May..
My mom love you deeply,
So do I.

Dear June..
You’ve been working for the whole month,
I wonder what you’re up to?

Dear July..
You’re also the same with June,
Don’t know what both of you were up to?

Dear August..
Despite both of your sisters, you’ve been so free of time,
Maybe it was because you’re celebrating your independence day.

Dear September..
I don’t know what happened to you,
Sometimes you’re too noisy, sometimes you’re too quiet.

Dear October..
Perhaps you realize the end of the year is coming soon,
So please don’t try to spoil everything.

Dear November..
You’re here already,
You’re upcoming little brother will be the end of the beginning,
And will start all over again.


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